I am riding to raise awareness for ‘Acirfa’ (pronounced a.KER.fa), a non-profit organization which provides quality bikes to the people of Zambia, giving them the means to help themselves, rather than depend on charity.  Acirfa was started several years ago by two kids from San Diego, both fresh out of college.  Acirfa provides quality bikes to the people of Zambia, giving them the means to help themselves, rather than depend on charity.  A bicycle changes the life of a Zambian in ways that are difficult for Americans to imagine, allowing doctors to see more patients, parents to make a living and teachers to get to school.

The Acirfa team out in Zambia, and here in California, are an amazing group of people.  They are not somehow different from any one of us, but come from normal schools, and comfortable families.  They just decided to go out and make a difference and do something extraordinary.  When the founders, Dustin and Vaughn, finished college they rejected the safe and comfortable in order to start something they believed in.  Support from people like you really does make their mission possible and really does translate into a better life for someone in Zambia.  I am excited to be a part of their vision, and hope that you can also take an interest in the work that they do.

For perspective, the weekly wage for a mechanic is only $45, and the entire cost of a bike is $210.  Look at these numbers as proof that every small amount contributed really does make a difference.  If you pledge or donate $300 or more, we will send you an Acirfa team jersey!

Check out all the amazing stuff Acirfa is doing at their website. 

Make a pledge to Acirfa here.

Could you find Zambia on a blank map?